Jude Law impressed us with his fancy footwork in short film A Gentleman’s Wager last year, and now he’s making a return to his debonair, asset-acquiring ways, this time preparing to race a Delahaye 135S classic from Rome to Monaco by noon the following day in order to win both the car and Giannini’s villa. It seems rather a good trade.

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He finds time along the way to acquire a damsel in distress, in the form of actress Zhao Wei, and entertain cameos from Mika Häkkinen and Jenson Button who offer viewers a bit of spot-the-Formula-1-hero entertainment.

The other star of the film, the vintage Delahaye racer that’s worth north of £1m, is a Walker family heirloom and its sporty frame zips its way around the mountain-topped Italian roads, in the name of fuelling progress through gratitude in kind, while simultaneously fuelling Law’s progression to the finish line.

Directed by British director Jake ‘Son of Ridley’ Scott, the film highlights the aspirational qualities of Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label and is a reminder to us all that hard grind isn’t the only way to find success. At 11 minutes long, we suggest you pour yourself a large tumbler of the malty stuff and get your bets placed on whether he makes it in time. We all love a happy finish, don’t we?