Lizard Lick Touring has come to the U.K. and it has proved to be a huge success. The show that is currently being played on the T.V. channel Dave, portrays Ron Shirley and his trip, touring Britain. Throughout the show the terrific duo of Harriet Collings and Ron Shirley travel the country bartering for cars and getting caught up in several adventures.

Harriet Collings, the star of the show brings an original and zesty twist to our television screens. Her energy and sense of adventure prove to be just the things that make this hit show a success. Harriet Collings’s knowledge of vintage racing also brings a nice approach to a male dominated field of expertise and her vintage driving skills do not go amiss. She is especially talented at vintage trialling which involves driving vintage cars up muddy hills (a term that I had never discovered before viewing the show).

On the other hand, Ron Shirley’s Southern American accent and bold approach to British motorsport makes a great team. A character who is generally enticed by Ford Mustang’s, Pickups and Chevy’s, he finds himself having to adapt to a different approach than our neighbours across the pond. This show is a must watch for car fanatics and I hope that a second season will be gracing our screens soon.